New, High-Quality Forklift Mounts for Phones and Tablets

Forklift Mounts
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ProClip USA Announces High-Quality, Durable Forklift Mounts and Warehouse Mounting Solutions.

Madison, WI

April 17, 2015

Mobile accessory and mounting solution distributor ProClip USA has announced its custom forklift mount for phones, tablets and mobile computers.

ProClip Warehouse Mounting Solutions are ideal for mounting phones and tablets to a forklift or other equipment in a warehouse. These high-quality, durable mounting solutions will stand up to daily use and are ideal for warehouse workers that use phones, mobile computers and/or tablets to manage day-to-day operations.

In addition to Pedestal Mounts that can be used to create a warehouse mounting setup, ProClip now offers a custom Forklift Mount. The Forklift mount is designed to attach securely on the roll bar of a forklift at the desired height for the driver's daily use. The multiple sets of AMPS hole patterns and complete set of screws in various sizes makes fitting the base easy.

Don Rankin, COO of ProClip, says, "We have created a number of custom mounting setups for warehouse customers. This new Forklift Mount provides a more versatile solution that can be used with all types of forklifts."

A phone, tablet or mobile computing Device Holder can be attached to the face plate of the Forklift Mount to create a complete mounting solution.