Samsung Galaxy S7 Adjustable Holder for Small to Medium Cases

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Medium Universal Adjustable Holder for devices with a Case

See ProClip's video on how to fit your holder to your device.

Features and Benefits

  • Good for small to medium cases
  • Match dimensions of device with case to measurements below to ensure fit
  • Device thickness: 6-10 mm (0.24-0.39 inches)
  • Width adjustment: 62-77 mm (2.44-3.03 inches)
  • Custom adjust the holder for the best fit (not spring loaded)
  • Re-adjust once for new case
  • Angle holder for optimal viewing
  • Portrait and landscape view, great for navigation
  • Made in Sweden from High Grade ABS Plastic

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Item #: 246824
Price: USD $39.99
For device thickness from 6-10 mm and width from 62-77 mm. Please measure your device with case to ensure a proper fit.
Product Info
How to Install

This Medium Adjustable Universal Holder is tested to be the best fit for the devices ,with a medium sized case listed, in the compatibility listing. Check out item 246825 and 246826 for other thickness. You make a one time easy adjustment to have the best fit for your device with a case. Rotate in portrait and landscape view, great for navigation.

WARNING: Please measure your device with the case on and match that to our listed dimensions for each adjustable holder to to find the best fit for your phone and case. See video above for a guide on how to measure your case. Due to the variety of shapes and sizes of phone cases ProClip USA cannot guarantee this holder will fit your specific device. After measuring your device if you still have questions please chat with us, give us a call Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5pm U.S. Central Time at 800-296-3212, or email us anytime at

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