Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Heavy-Duty Tough Sleeve for Hard Wired Installation

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Heavy-Duty Tough Sleeve for Hard Wired Installation

Features & Specs

  • See related sliding power block for indoor use here
  • Custom fit to tablet
  • Shock absorbing sleeve designed to protect the phone in case of minor bumps and drops
  • Keeps your device within easy reach
  • Angle holder 15 degrees in any direction
  • Allows for portrait and landscape view
  • Discreet design blends well with vehicle interior
  • Made in Sweden from High Grade ABS and Acetal Plastic

  • Charging cable attached to sliding power block allows holder to be removed from vehicle easily
  • Provides 10 Watts (2A) fast charging power
  • Hard wire to 12 / 24 V vehicle power sources
  • Black box converts from 12 / 24 V to 5 V output
  • LED illuminated power indicator

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Item #: 559771
Price: USD $189.99
Tough Sleeves are too heavy for standard ProClip mounts. An extra strength mount or an aluminum pedestal mount is recommended.
Product Info
How to Install

The ProClip Heavy-Duty Tough Sleeve is a uniquely designed enclosure for phones. This sleek, rugged and custom-machined sleeve completely protects the phone while providing integrated power. An exceptionally strong mechanical mounting interface allows device deployment virtually anywhere. The Sliding Power Block used with the Heavy-Duty Tough Sleeve combines a electrical connection with the convenience of quick release. This increases user efficiency and reduces the potential for damage to the phone. The Heavy-Duty Tough Sleeve can be installed anywhere from vehicle to warehouse; ER to checkout counter. This Heavy-Duty Tough Sleeve works in 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles and comes with a straight power cord for hard wiring to a fixed 12/24 V power source.