Apple iPhone SE with A case Adjustable Holder for Small to Medium Cases.

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Adjustable Holder for Small and Regular Cases

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  • Works with small to medium sized cases
  • Includes tilt-swivel to allow rotation and tilting
  • Custom adjust the holder for the best fit (not spring loaded)
  • Device thickness (6 mm) to (10 mm)
  • Width adjustment (62 mm) to (77mm)
  • Made in Sweden from High Grade ABS Plastic

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Item #: 511428
Price: USD $39.99
For iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / SE with Small to Medium Cases
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This custom adjustable car mount holder for the Apple iPhone 5 is designed to hold the iPhone 5 with a small to medium case. You make a one time easy adjustment to have the best fit for your iPhone 5 with a case. When you switch cases you can re-adjust the holder for a better fit. Rotate in portrait and landscape view, great for navigation.

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