Apple iPhone SE with A case Adjustable Holder for Rugged Cases

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Adjustable Holder for Rugged Cases

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  • Works with rugged cases (such as the Otterbox Defender)
  • Includes tilt-swivel to allow rotation and tilting
  • Custom adjust the holder for the best fit (not spring loaded)
  • Device thickness (9 mm) to (13 mm)
  • Width adjustment (62 mm) to (77mm)
  • Made in Sweden from High Grade ABS Plastic

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Item #: 511430
Price: USD $39.99
For iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / SE with Rugged Cases
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This custom adjustable car mount holder for the Apple iPhone 5 is designed to hold the iPhone 5 used with an Otterbox Defender Case or other large/bulky cases. You make a one time easy adjustment to have the best fit for your iPhone 5 with a case. When you switch cases you can re-adjust the holder for a better fit. Rotate in portrait and landscape view, great for navigation. Angle the holder for optimal viewing. Machined and hand tooled in Sweden from High Grade ABS plastic. Made to last!! Please note this is not a spring loaded design.

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