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Super-Duty Pedestal Mounts

Pedestal Device Mounts: Part 2 of Our 2-Part Custom Mounting Solution

Pedestal Mounts for VehiclesOur Flex and Pedestal Mounts screw into any flat surface and can be adjusted for optimal viewing. Attach a Device Holder to the face plate of the mount and you are all set.

The Pedestal Mounts are made of aluminum, a material which provides extremely strong and durable products of low weight. Once the products are screwed together the teeth within the interlocking joints provide a very strong connection that can withstand a lot of weight. ProClip can develop new solutions for specific needs upon request.

The Pedestal Mounts come in 2'', 4'', 6'', 8'' and 10'' heights with an AMPS base and top. Pedestals can be purchased in complete sets or as individual pieces. The design allows you to mix and match the parts to create a custom height and/or solution.

The Pedestal Mounts can be used in personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors, fork lifts, boats, RVs and more. In addition to vehicles and commercial equipment our pedestals can be used in retail stores, kiosks, gyms, conference rooms and trade shows.

You can attach a wide array of products such as tablets, payment terminals, mobile computers/scanning devices, two-way radios, navigation units, rugged PDAs, printers, mobile phones and more.