ProClip Suction Cup Mount Kit with Locking Move Clip

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  • Designed to fit with most ProClip Device Holders (not for tablet holders)
  • Comes with Locking Move Clip female plate
  • Easily move holder between vehicle mount and travel mount
  • Secure suction cup that will adhere to any smooth non-porous surface
  • 3M adhesive dash mount disk for dashboard or console attachment
  • Extra Locking Move Clip for attachment to a ProClip custom vehicle mount included

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Item #: 710647
Price: USD $29.99
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How to Install

This Travel Mount Kit is a windshield suction cup mount designed to accommodate the ProClip Device Holders (except large tablet holders) so you can easily bring your device holder from your ProClip Vehicle Mount to the suctions cup mount when you travel. A Locking Move Clip Female Plate attached to the suction cup face plate is designed to fit with the tilt swivel base plate on the back of the device holder. It allows for a quick release of the holder simply by pushing on the locking tab on top of the plate.

An extra Locking Move Clip Female Plate for attachment to the ProClip Vehicle Mount is enclosed in the kit as well as an adapter plate for the non-tilt swivel holders. Easily move your holder between your vehicle mount and travel mount. You can also purchase a separate holder for use with the travel mount if you prefer not to move your main holder between the two mounts.

The windshield mount has a super strong suction cup and will stick to any glass surface. A 3M adhesive dash mount disk is included that lets you mount the windshield mount on the dashboard or console instead of the windshield.