Medium Adjustable Charging Holder T2

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Medium Adjustable Charging Holder T2

Features & Specs

  • Device thickness: 9-13 mm (0.35-0.51 inches)
  • Width adjustment: 62-77 mm (2.44-3.03 inches)
  • Custom adjust holder for the best fit
  • Re-adjust once for new case
  • Keeps your device within easy reach
  • Angle holder 20 degrees in any direction
  • Allows for Portrait and Landscape view
  • Discreet design blends well with vehicle interior
  • Made in Sweden from High Grade ABS Plastic

  • USB-C cable with 12 V power plug included
  • USB cable permanently attached to holder
  • Cord length is 39 inch / 99 cm
  • Works in any 12 V vehicle power outlet
  • Provides 1.5 amp charging power
  • Power plug converts from 12 V to 5 V output
  • LED illuminated power indicator

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Item #: 521841
Price: USD $89.99
Only for devices with USB-C
Device thickness: 9-13 mm (0.35-0.51 inches)
Width adjustment: 62-77 mm (2.44-3.03 inches)
Product Info
How to Install

Always keep your battery fully charged with this high quality custom made holder. This adjustable charging holder is a cradle style mount custom made with adjustable sides to get the best fit with your device. It has a power cord with a USB-C plug. Which can be used with the enclosed USB cigarette lighter plug for connection to a power outlet in the vehicle. The USB power cord can also be plugged into a USB port in the car for direct charging. The holder angles 20 degrees for optimal viewing and can swivel 360 degrees. The holder comes with the AMPS hole pattern for quick attachment to any flat surface or mounting brackets such as vehicle dashboard mounts, pedestal mounts or handlebar mounts. Easily slide your device in/out of the holder. No more fumbling around for your device. Provides for safer driving when viewing, accessing and operating your device in your vehicle.

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