Garmin Nüvi 2797 LMT Garmin Ball Mount

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  • Custom fit ball to fit with your device/device cradle
  • AMPS and center lined hole pattern for use with mounting brackets and our Travel Mount
  • Attaches to the face plate of the ProClip Vehicle Mount or any other mounting bracket
  • Comes with 4 self-tapping screws
  • Easily snap on/off ball and switch between Vehicle Mount and Suction Cup Mount
  • Keeps your device upright for better GPS reception
  • Made of heat and cold resistant ABS plastic

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Item #: 215165
Price: USD $29.99
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How to Install

For use with Garmin devices/device cradles that use the ball mounting system - usually attached to a windshield suction mount. Unhook your device from the suction mount and attach it to the Ball Mount used in combination with our Vehicle Mount. NOTE: for the Zumo 400/450/500 models the applicable original device car cradle from Garmin is needed. This cradle is included with the Zumo 550. (Not sold by ProClip)

About the Garmin Vehicle Mount Adapter

The Garmin Ball Mount attaches to the vehicle Dashboard mount and provides a more secure and convenient placement of your device in the car. Just pull off your device/device cradle from the Garmin Windshield Suction Cup Mount and press it onto the ball mount. You can easily pull your Garmin off the ball mount and bring it with you to a rental car, RV, boat etc. using your Garmin Windshield Suction Cup Mount.

Keep all your devices on the dashboard

If you have more than one device you would like to have on your dashboard, we may have the solution. Usually we have 2 or more mounts for each vehicle model so you can have all your devices securely attached on your dashboard. Many of todays customers order two or more mounts - usually one for their mobile phone and one for their Handheld and/or Music Player like the General Picture below illustrates.

General Illustration Video

Phone and Tablet Car Mounting Solutions