Honda Accord 2013-2014 ProClip Center Mount

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ProClip Center Mount

View ProClip's insatallation video for Item # 854820. Notice: Faceplate position has changed since video illustration.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides the perfect mounting platform
  • Clips into the seams of the dashboard
  • Easily attach a device holder to the mount
  • Secure fit within easy reach from the driver's seat
  • No holes or damage to your dashboard
  • No dashboard dismantling
  • Pre-drilled holes for AMPS hole patterns
  • Made of high grade ABS plastic
  • Designed and manufactured in Sweden

Device Holder NOT included, sold separately.

Comes with a pre-drilled hole pattern for device attachment (might not be shown in photo). This is a suggested placement pattern only. A device holder can easily be attached anywhere on the face plate.

Consider how the device, or horizontal position, will fit the location and could interfere with other vehicle functions.

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Item #: 854820
Price: USD $29.99
Notice: Some devices could partially block the information screen.
Product Info
How to Install

This ProClip Vehicle Mount is a custom made car specific mount. The mount attach to the center area of the car dashboard providing the perfect mounting platform for your device holder so you don't have to drill holes in your dashboard. The ProClip Vehicle Mount is a very sturdy bracket that clips tightly into the seams of the dashboard. No dismantling of the dashboard is required and no damage to the vehicle interior, simply clip on in seconds.

General Illustration Video

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