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Magnetic Phone Mounts

Magnetic Phone Mounts

Our iOauto Magnetic Phone Holders Fit Nearly Every Phone

iOauto CoresThe iOauto System is a universal device holder that makes securing your phone in the car easier than ever. A smart magnetic core provides a strong hold, yet easily releases your device with a simple tug. Compatible with almost any device, the iOauto system works with many popular case brands of small to medium thickness. 

Simply attach the iOadapt disc to the back of the device or directly to a case. Use the provided (2) iOadapts on multiple phones to share the same magnetic mounting base. The circular disc allows the magnetic force to mount your device to any magnetic base in the vehicle, at home, or in the office.

  • Universal design for many devices
  • The iOauto Pro magnetic mount can be screwed into our vehicle dashboard mount or any flat surface
  • Infinite rotational adjustment
  • Magnet will not harm your device

The Magnetic Phone Mount Rotates 360 Degrees

Powered by iOmounts

You have two options to choose from: the iOauto and the iOauto Pro. Both allow for infinite rotation so you can switch your device between portrait and landscape, but the iOauto Pro sits atop a silver sphere base that allows you to tilt your device up to 45 degrees in any direction. The iOauto Pro comes in multiple colors that attach to a ProClip dashboard mounting base for your complete iOauto Pro mounting solution!