Adjustable Holder with Tilt Swivel

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Features & Benefits

  • Works with most cases
  • Please match your device with dimensions listed below for best fit.
  • Custom adjust the holder for the best fit (not spring loaded)
  • Re-adjust once for new case
  • Angle holder for optimal viewing
  • Portrait and Landscape view, great for navigation
  • Device thickness between 0.29 Inches (7.5 mm) and 0.47 Inches (12 mm)
  • Width adjustment 2.5 inches (63 mm) to 3.15 inches (81 mm)
  • High quality materials made in Sweden

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Item #: 875214
Price: USD $39.99
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How to Install

This Adjustable Holder with Tilt Swivel is intended to be used for devices with silicone type cases e.g. iSkin, Jam Jacket, Speck, XtremeMac, Showcase etc.It fits a variety of devices with a skin or case. The Holder will adjust from a width of 2.5 inches/63 mm to 3.15 Inches/81 mm. The thickness of the device has to be between 0.29 Inches/7.5 mm and 0.47 Inches/12 mm. The Holder angles 15 degrees for optimal viewing.
This Holder is adjustable and is intended to be used with silicone type cases i.e. iSkin, Jam Jacket, Speck, XtremeMac and Showcase silicone cases.

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